Kuyumcu is a cryptocurrency swap service. It allows you to exchange the Moon to Nano and vice-versa. The balance will be available in your personal wallet instantly.
Currently, the following limits per transaction apply:
  • For buying Moon: Minimum amount is 0.1 NANO. Maximum amount depends on the current Moon balance of Kuyumcu.
  • No, there are no transaction fees. Transactions are carried out at the current exchange rate of Kuyumcu, which can be seen on the buy buttons and on the deposit page. You may enjoy your free and instant trades.
    Yes, you can use your Reddit's Vault to send and receive Moons. If you're using your own wallet (i.e. MetaMask, MyEtherWallet) to store Moons and you're still on the old Rinkeby network, you should migrate your Moons to the new network by using this link to be able to use Kuyumcu: https://www.reddit.com/web/points-migration.
    First of all, remember to store your seed in a safe place so that you can switch between wallets when there's a problem with the wallet or device you're using.
  • For Nano on mobile, use Natrium from App Store/Google Play. On web, you can use Nault.
  • For Moons, Reddit Vault is the best option. If you're using a wallet like Metamask, you should add the L2 network to your wallet by following Settings -> Networks -> Add network. You can find the network details on the question below.
  • Network name: Arbitrum Nova
  • RPC URL: https://a4ba.arbitrum.io/rpc
  • Chain ID: 42170
  • Block Explorer URL: https://nova-explorer.arbitrum.io/
  • Moons:
  • Token Contract Address: 0x0057Ac2d777797d31CD3f8f13bF5e927571D6Ad0
  • Token Symbol: MOON
  • Token Decimal: 18
  • To get Moon in exchange for Nano, you will need an Ethereum address where the bought Moon amount will be sent to. You can use the address on your Reddit's Vault, which starts with 0x. If you don't have an address, you can create an Ethereum address from a number of different services, for example with MetaMask. Also, you will need a Nano address with Nano balance.
    1. On the Kuyumcu main page, click the "BUY Moon" button.
    2. Enter your Moon address that you want to receive coins to, and enter a Nano refund address, then click the "Continue" button.
    3. You will be shown a Nano address. From your Nano wallet, send a Nano amount that you want to exchange with Moon. The amount you send must be between the specified minimum and maximum amounts.
    4. Press the "Submit" button to finalize the transaction.
    5. On the final screen, you will see the Moon amount received and the exchange rate. You can click the "Transaction" link to see the transaction on the blockchain.
    Yes! You can access it using the /api URL. You can see a simple example Python code that get prices using the API and automates Kuyumcu transactions here: github.com/nano-trade/API.